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Scrapbook patriotic pin

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Product Description

Digital scrapbook patriotic pin embellishment

Great for scrap booker's, perfect for album designs, graphic design, and all kinds of graphics for print or web.

Another fabulous product: This special exclusive pack was created specifically for the artists working with graphic, scrap booking, web design, commercial etc. 12 beautiful pins approximately size 1000 X 3000 px in 300dpi inch size 3 in X 10 in patriotic combination in 300 DPI. All pins are provided in two folders, one contains the pins without drop shadows, and the other with them. BONUS 3 Parchment patriotic papers, 3.600px X 3.600 px (parchment, stars, lines) This exclusive professional package is a great combination for scrap booking designs!

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12 beautiful pins approximately size 1000 X 3000 px in 300dpi inch size 3in X 10 in weary patriotic combination in 300 DPI. If you open them in Photoshop, and reduce size to larger or smaller just go to filter/sharpen, and will make it perfect.
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