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Digital decorative gold Christmas alphabet

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Product Description

Decorative gold Christmas alphabet

26 upper case letters rendered in gorgeous gold with painted Christmas tree and decorated with beautiful ornaments. All letters are provided in individual psd, png file format, without drop shadow, on a transparent background, in very large sizes (average1600 pixels in height), 300 dpi. They can be used for print projects of all kinds, for personal or commercial usage.

You may use these alphabet to create your own projects for personal or commercial use, with no restrictions other than that you may not resell them as a discrete product.
Decorative Gold Christmas Alphabet:

1. Christmas_alphabet_readme.txt
2. licence.txt

3 folders in zip archive include

PNG alpha
PSD alpha
PNG alpha1

All of these folders contain 26 capital letters of alphabet with gorgeous gold and painted Christmas tree decorated with beautiful red ornament

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System Requirements

ANY graphic program that can open *.png,*psd Just copy the image from layer and paste it into the graphic file document .Enjoy :)

Customization is available on request, please send request by mail at

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