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Leather & Metal 1

Price : $7.50

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Additional information:

Product Description

Digital paint textile kit Leather & Metal 1

Leather & Metal 1 pack is all about edge and femininity. Designs within this pack combine silver metal with leather in different colors. While metal is cold by definition, the way it is combined with leather in this pack is super hot, sexy and brave. Designs in this pack also include calmer combinations, combinations with a dash of vintage, combinations for every day and combinations ready for stage.

This exclusive pack is created specifically for the Artists Working with clothing in Poser, 3D design, textile designers, printing on T-shirts, scrap booking, web design, print etc. The seamless 100 textures (width bump maps), 17 add-ons provided in 300 dpi resolution, will also work perfectly for digital scrap booking and web design.

Files included and install information:

Leather&Metal 1.txt - read me file.txt


leather&metal1- inside, 100 seamless texture tiles provided in 300 dpi 512x512 in*.png bumpmap -inside, 100 seamless texture tiles provided in 300 dpi 512x512 in*.png bump maps add_ons - 17 add-ons bonus
If you open them in Photoshop, please go to edit / define pattern. As a pattern file you can fill any selection, shape and any other layer, in any resolution. Also, you can change color of any pattern width: menu images/adjustment/hue-saturation!

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