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Cherry Bomb!

Price : $7.50

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Additional information:

Product Description

Is a fabulous product, this Special Exclusive Pack was created specifically for the Artist Working with clothing in Poser. The seamless 124 textures of Cherry's (width bump maps), ADD - ONS ARE PROVIDED IN 300 DPI RESOLUTION, will also work perfectly or, digital scrap booking and web design.
This exclusive professional package is combination for ultimate textile designs.

Always fresh, modern and “telling many spring/summer stories”, these cherry textures are a unique design created by the artist anticipating trends and relying on the female subtleness.

With petioles or without them, in abundance or singled out perfected shapes, in many color patterns and combinations, these cherries are meant to make your day and make you feel gracious no matter if you're wearing them or looking at them on your coffee cup.

And what makes these particular cherry textures so special? Is it their deliciousness and class? Now imagine wearing them. Already feeling great? That’s the power of these cherries – extraordinary in a way to make anything they touch feel great.

100cherry(1,2) - inside 100 seamless texture tile provided in 300 dpi 512x512 in*.png
colour_texture - inside 20 seamless texture, in various colors, polka dot tile, provided in 300 dpi 512x512 in*.png
add_ons - 3 painted cherry, painted bow, and bonus 4 cherry textures.
bump_maps(1,2) - inside 100 seamless texture tile provided in 300 dpi 512x512 in*.png bump maps
If you open them in Photoshop, please go to edit / define pattern.
As a pattern file you can fill any selection, shape and any other layer, in any resolution.
Available for you to download after checkout.

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