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Gothic beauty

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This great pack contains 512 x 512 300 DPI 100 designed seamless fabric skulls and cherries.
Design was created professionally with latest fashion trends in mind and is recommended for: Gothic Lolita style, emo, and Halloween.
100 Seamless patterns that are easily combined with exactly same color texture and various embellishments: bows, buttons, trims * 54 elements.

Bonus is promo images that you can use to create your fabulous models.

plain_fabric with 19 seamless fabric 512 x 512 300 dpi exactly the same color textures fabric that you can apply with skulls like in promo images or when you are sewing edges and trims.

bump_maps bump maps are for all material trims, just to make your product making easier. With bump maps its easier to create for poser and any other 3d program that needs bump maps. Since everything is in 300 dpi, printing t-shirts or posters is quite simple and easy. In any graphic program define pattern or brush.

54 add_ons contains all in transparent pngs without dropshadow in 300 dpi various dimensions: antique brooch, buttons, trims, lace, diamonds, bows

All textures are 512 X 512 seamless textures with folder bump maps for every seamless pattern.

If you open them in Photoshop, please go to edit / define pattern. As a pattern, or brush file you can fill any selection, shape and any other layer, in any resolution.

Available for you to download after checkout.

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