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Scrapbooking elements button mania

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Product Description

Digital Scrapbooking Elements Buttonmania

This special design element is digitally painted and unique in extra quality. It is perfect for all design purpose. Can be used for 3D textures, scrap Books, album designs, graphic design, package boxes all kind of graphic for print or web design that you can imagine.

Another great product: This special exclusive pack was created specifically for the artists working with graphic, scrap booking, web design, etc. 37 beautiful design patriotic buttons size 800 X800 px in 300dpi inch size 2.6in in very patriotic combination in 300 DPI. All buttons are provided without drop shadow, and as you can see at promo image, just use them on your graphic and you will have effect as promo images. This exclusive professional package is a combination for ultimate Scrap booking designs!

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If you open them in Photoshop, and reduce size to larger or smaller just go to filter/sharpen, and will make it perfect.
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