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Templar Parchment

Price : $7.50

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Additional information:

Seven beautiful parchments with painted background, with torn and age-stained edges. Includes gold texture with painted gold dagger as add-on. These parchments are provided in large, high resolution sizes, to make them suitable for print work in digital scrap booking, printable paper crafts, greeting cards, catalogs, posters… etc. They print nicely and also scale very well for use as web graphics or as background for layouts. If you reduce parchments please use sharpen filter to sharpen image.

Files included:
1 zip archives Contains:


Contains 7 hand painted parchments:

Layer - Templar parchment fold 6
Layer - Templar parchment fold 5
Layer - Templar parchment fold 4
Layer - Templar parchment fold 3
Layer - Templar parchment fold 2
Layer - Templar parchment fold 1
Layer - Templar Parchment full
Layer - Background free
Bonus +++ Templar gold dagger with diamond embelishment.

Render in 300 dpi
Approximately dimension 2468 px x 3508 px
8,227 in x 11,693 in.

Each of layers is saved separatly as .png file in PNG folder.

You will need , PhotoShop 7.0+, Painter5+, CorelDraw or a comparable graphics program with layers capabilities in order to select the layer you wish, copy and paste it into a new document.

Instructions: Unzip the zipfile using Winzip or Stuffit (if you are using a Mac), open your graphics program, navigate to the directory and folder into which you unzipped the zipfile, and open either of the psd files. Make sure you have your layers tool palette open. Each layer is labelled, then select the element you want, copy it and paste it into another graphics file of your choice.

Just copy the image from layer and paste it into the graphic file document. Enjoy:)

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